We're growing quickly at Freelock, and I've been interviewing candidates for a number of positions. For the most part, we've been working with a temp service (CampusPoint) who has done a great job at sending us enthusiastic candidates that fit well on our team, but we also hire people directly, generally based on employee referrals or recommendations from contacts.

In the past two weeks, I've gotten two emails from our contact form, with the "Join the team" category. And both have left me completely unimpressed. The first:

I was sent a email about a job with your company.

The next:

Hello, Do you have any employment opportunities open? Thank you.

Those are the entire emails these people sent.

Really? It's not like we have a character limit on our contact form.

Hint for anybody looking for a job: don't waste an opportunity to sell yourself! These are prime examples of an opportunity gone to waste.

If you've heard about an opening at my company, tell me how, and tell me why I should consider you for the position. Do something to catch my attention, give me some sense that you've read stuff on this site and something has spoken to you to make you want to work here. Tell me how you heard about Freelock, take a guess at what problems we might be facing and how you might be able to solve them, demonstrate that you can communicate well.

All of our positions require good, effective communications. If you're not demonstrating that when you write to me, what makes you think I'd be interested in interviewing you?


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