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Forwarded Email

We can set up forwarding to your regular email address. Please note that if you get spam sent to you, some providers treat it as if it is coming from us! Boeing and AOL block domains that send spam to them, so we are currently do not forward to Boeing and AOL because we don't want to be blocked! We are working on this.

Freelock Hosted

Standard options


IMAP Server:
Requires Authentication: YES
Username: youremal@yourdomain.ext
Password: your password
Port: 993


SMTP Server
Requires Authentication: YES
Use SSL: YES (or TLS)
Use Secure Password Authentication (SPA): No
Username: youremal@yourdomain.ext
Password: your password
Port: either 25 or 465--try either if you are blocked on one

Client specific



===== Help! All my messages disappeared! =====
Outlook has a number of "views" of your inbox. Chances are you've changed the view to only show new messages, or hide read messages. The messages are still there. You can log into our web mail to see all of your messages at

To fix this, go to Views -> Custom Views, and click "Hide Messages marked for deletion" or "IMAP Folder". Your hidden messages should reappear.

If you indeed managed to delete messages you didn't mean to, us and we can restore mail that was in your box during a recent backup of our server. We make backups every night, and keep all of the backups for a week, so if it's a message that was on the server overnight, we can likely restore it.

===== Purge Messages =====
Here's how to purge messages:

... and here's a page to add the button to a toolbar to make it easier
to do on a regular basis:…

===== Outlook hanging, slow =====
page has a hint for using Outlook with large IMAP folders. The problem apparently is, Outlook tries to scan/download all mail folders you've subscribed to. This can take a long time if you have a lot of email, and it won't let you do anything while it's doing all of this.

The link describes how you can unsubscribe from most of your folders, and still get Outlook to show them. Then you can go into any folder you like and download the messages when you need to see them, not every single time you open Outlook.

Note that if you follow these instructions, other mail clients will hide the files you unsubscribe from--you'll only see folders you're subscribed to. This procedure is unique to Outlook--most other mail clients do not act this way in the first place, and do not have Outlook's problems with IMAP...

===== Organize Sent Message =====

When you send from Outlook, it puts a copy in the Sent folder on your local hard drive, the PST on the actual computer you're using, instead of the Sent folder in your IMAP folders where any sane program and most other email programs do.

To get Outlook to copy your outgoing messages, you need to create an outgoing mail rule in Outlook. Where you find this changes completely from version to version, but once you find the Rules Wizard, you need to build a rule that looks something like this:

  • "When I send a message"
  • "Applies to all messages" (usually leave the condition blank, and it'll warn you)
  • "Copy Message to a folder"
  • "youremail@yourdomain:Inbox:Sent"
  • Save.

Mails in Sent Folder not Displaying Recipient and Date

One client had this strange problem where existing and newly sent emails show up on the IMAP sent folder, but only with a subject. All other fields in the list view were blank. Selecting an email would display the other information, but it wouldn't show up by default.

We got around this by selecting all messages in the IMAP sent folder then right clicking one and choosing "Mark to Download Messages." After that new and existing sent mails properly displayed the time and recipient.

Mac/Apple Email Users

Please look at the Apple/Mac Email Setup page screenshots to help locate where to go

Outlook Express

  • Outlook Express's main problem is that it continues to shows emails marked for deletion, some may like this however
    • You can specify hide messages set for deletion in a settings dialog
    • you will have to occasionally have to *purge deleted emails*
  • Another problem is that Outlook Express doesn't refresh it's list of folders, To do this, you'll have to right click on the IMAP inbox, and tell it to refresh list


A few clients experienced a strange issue where the sent box and inbox were stuck with the same column settings. Thus, you would see "sender" for your inbox when you configure the "sender" column to show up for the sent box, which is fairly obvious you do not want. If you try to remove the "sender" column from the inbox, the sent box loses it as well.

In this particular case, the problem was corrected by setting the proper sent folder to use. Go to Tools -> Account Settings, choose "Copies and Folders", then ensure the "Place a copy in" box is checked, then click "Other" and finally choose your sent folder on the IMAP server you wish to use.