Here at Freelock, we are all in for web development. Truly, what could be more important for our clients in today's climate than a properly functioning and safe website? We are pleased to share that our expertise has paid off as we have been identified again an industry leader by Clutch. 


Clutch, a Washington, D.C. based ratings and reviews firm, has released their top 2018 picks of companies along a number of locations and segments. They selected these leaders through both the analysis of their client reviews, primarily obtained through interview-style phone calls, as well as their own ranking system and market research. We could not be happier to have been featured as a top Seattle web, PHP and e-commerce development shop and the number one Drupal developer in the area, as well as #2 web developer in Seattle! 



The good news from Clutch does not stop there, Freelock has also been profiled on Clutch’s sister site, The Manifest, as one of the top web developers in Seattle! This profile includes an overview of our clients as well as a description of our recent projects.


One of our favorite components of a Clutch profile is the ability to see our clients feedback. Our clients have spoken to our success on the front of both customer service as well as overall quality! Check out a few highlights from what they had to say:



“They're an excellent company. They communicate well, they're on top of things, and I've been extremely pleased with their service. Freelock is one of the best external vendors we've ever worked with.”


“Their project manager is stellar. He keeps you informed; he’s always on it. I never have to remind them. They usually have to remind me when we need something. I can’t really come up with a complaint.”


“I have never been left hanging by Freelock in all the years I’ve worked with them.”


“They never built walls and told us we couldn’t have something. They found new ways to do it.”


With feedback as good as this, it's no surprise that we have also received a perfect 5-star rating along the metric of willingness to refer! We are very pleased with our inclusion in Clutch’s press release, as well as overall success on Clutch and The Manifest! Make sure to contact us if you are ready to start your next web development project!

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