Crowd-funding is a pet favorite topic of mine. It's the opposite of taking control over a shared resource and turning it into profit -- it's building something that benefits everybody, enlisting a large number of people to make it happen. Two time-sensitive crowd funding things caught my attention this morning:

  1. Bryan Lunduke, host of the Linux Action Show and developer of some interesting games, comics, and cross-platform software tools, is attempting to raise $4,000 a month through crowd-funding, and if he manages to do so, promises to release all of his software titles under the GPL license. Go check it out, and give him some love!
  2. This week the NW Entrepreneur Network's Breakfast Buzz is a talk by Jordan Weisman on his successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of a game called "Shadowrun Returns."
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Update: Bryan Lunduke succeeding in raising $4K in monthly subscriptions, so he has open-sourced his entire software collection... Congrats Bryan!

06 Jun, 2012

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