Come join us up on Nerd Mountain! 

What is Nerd Mountain?

This is a new service for Freelock. Nerd Mountain is a spot where we take a lot of the technical mumbo jumbo and we translate it into real business or operational insights that are relevant to help you find new customers and streamline your operations. Our goal is to provide practical business-driven insights into why you should upgrade your website (just so we're clear--you should), but we also understand that you've got a business to run. We are also not going to explain technical terms in technical language. **cringe**

Nerd Mountain Dictionary

We are also turning on our Nerd Mountain Dictionary to help you understand technical buzzword and you can also use this resource to impress your friends--or not.

Enough formalities--now let's turn our attention to what we think you should know. 

Drupal 8 Includes Semantic Versioning

Do you see what we just did there? We told you we weren't going to talk about technical terms in technical language--and look what we just did. We did it. Gulp! Sorry. Bear with us, we're going to explain why Semantic Versioning (semver) is a REALLY big deal to your business. While the link above shows you the technical specifics of semantic versioning (might be a smidgen of a snoozefest--be forewarned), we describe Semantic Versioning as a smorgasbord of free stuff for my business! Essentially, semantic versioning means that when there are new upgrades to the system, these new features are available to your site, without requiring a rebuild of your website. There are other Content Management Systems where a website has to be rebuilt to get new features turned on. We're not going to name any names, but we will say this is often true of a Content Management System that starts with "Wordpres" and ends in "ordpress".  

Here's an example: From our friends at Acquia, "Multi-lingual Drupal 7 sites required you to install numerous modules. The process is much smoother in Drupal 8, with 4 key modules in the core. Once those modules are enabled, you can almost immediately start translating your site."

This is an example of Semantic Versioning and how it makes Christmas come multiple times a year (or whatever December holiday you celebrate--we're not judging). Every time there is a release, it brings new bells and whistles to your organization to help you reach more customers or streamline operations, without having to rebuild your site. 

Upgrade to Drupal 8 Now

If you are still running Drupal 7, you should upgrade now and there are two business reasons why you should do it. 

  • Drupal 8 includes Semantic Versioning, thus any new features will automatically be available to you without rebuilding your site. 
  • Drupal 7 will no longer be supported after Drupal 9 comes out. This means there will not be important security fixes or other patches. Most importantly, upgrading to Drupal 9 from Drupal 8 will not be much more than a patch update, because Drupal 9 will continue Drupal 8's semantic versioning. 

We hope you've enjoyed your trip up to Nerd Mountain. We cannot wait to read in the comments section how all of you dazzled and wowed your coworkers around the water cooler with your thorough and comprehensive understanding of semantic versioning. 

We'll see you next time up on Nerd Mountain. Bring your friends, the air's nice up here. 

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