1. You want to make sure nobody will be able to read your documents in 10 years
  2. You want to help your buddy who works for Microsoft have enough income to buy a private island in the Carribean, because maybe he would invite you to come for a weekend
  3. You feel sorry for the PC on the Mac commercials
  4. Your buddy is buying it for you from the Microsoft company store, so you're actually saving hundreds of dollars! You can't get those types of deals on free software.
  5. You hope that the extra emails it takes between you and your customers, partners, and vendors to get formats that they can open will improve your relationship with them
  6. Having the newest software from Microsoft makes you cool
  7. You want to extend Microsoft's monopoly on the desktop, it's just easier that way
  8. You have a big technology budget, and can't think of any better way to spend those dollars
  9. You already spent the money on it, may as well force others to pay their Microsoft tax, too
  10. You're a big fan of Survivor, and like being dropped into an unfamiliar environment and having to figure out all over again how to do the things you need to survive
  11. (Bonus!) You don't know a better solution exists

If your reason for purchasing Office 2007 is #11, drop us an email and ask us how open source software can make your business run better.

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