While Drupal is our primary focus here at Freelock, we've been experimenting with Ajax and rich client applications for a lot longer. The first time I used Ajax to populate a table of data was back in the days of Internet Explorer 5.5, circa 2001.

As I was bringing on more work and starting to hire employees in the mid-2000s, I built an internal task management tool called Project Auriga, and as the Dojo Toolkit hit a version 0.9 and then 1.0, I used Auriga as a playground for experimenting with single-page in-browser applications.

Most of this experimentation we've kept internal until now, but with some interest in our Dojo experience, I decided to do a quick screen capture to demonstrate some of what I built. And here it is!

If you'd like help implementing something with interfaces along these lines, drop us a line!

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