In September, Freelock was recognized as a leading web development company in Seattle by Clutch. Not only were we thrilled to be featured in that report and ranked as one of the top three web developers in the area, but we are excited to share that as a result, Clutch interviewed us on our web development expertise.

Clutch is a ratings and reviews platform that connects businesses with developers and agencies that best fit their project needs. In addition to their content focused on company profiles and client reviews, Clutch also produces research on a number of topics, such as website builders and CMS options.

John, our founder and lead developer, provided insights on both Drupal and WordPress, highlighting their similarities and differences. One of the main points we tried to drive home in this interview was that maintenance of a website is essential. You can do this by keeping the content fresh, but even more critical is to ensure your site remains secure. As John mentioned in the interview:


"The whole point of using a CMS like WordPress or Drupal is to make it easy for site owners to keep their content up-to-date...These platforms are used by millions of websites and like any other computer software, they have bugs which can be attacked...I hope people are coming to realize that leaving sites unpatched is like leaving your front door wide open – someone will come in and take over, use the website to attack other websites, consumers, DNS servers, or simply use the site’s resources to mine Bitcoins, and so on. Instead of having a website that supports the business, the website becomes a part of a much bigger problem—it may be controlled by malicious actors who are attacking other people, whether or not it interferes with the business directly."


A second point we wanted to make sure to bring up in the interview was the importance of having a good testing framework. Whatever platform you may be using, it is necessary to perform tests to a copy of the site offline, especially if site uptime is important for leads retention and running a shopping cart. In the interview John said:


“This should be a strong consideration when picking a platform – with Drupal 8’s configuration management and portability, it’s easier to have test copies with Drupal. For smaller companies that can’t do this in house, partnering with a company to provide this service makes a lot of sense.”


Thank you to Clutch for including us in your research, and to everyone using a platform please remember to keep it properly maintained and think about testing frameworks! We really enjoyed sharing our knowledge, go check out the full interview here to learn even more about the decision making process when it comes to choosing a website platform.

Shoot us an email, or give us a ring at 206-577-0540. To check out our Drupal maintenance packages, go here . To check out our WordPress maintenance packages, go here.


Photo via Visual hunt

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