At Freelock, we’re in the business of building websites that make your business better. As a result of our comprehensive design and development experience, our products help all of our clients and their organizations perform, communicate, and impact audiences better than ever before. 

Top clutch developers

Regardless of what digital transformations take our industry by storm, we’ve cultivated a reputation for our strong performance, happy customers, and passionate team members









As Clutch, the B2B research and reviews agency, recently recognized, Freelock as a top B2B company and leading e-Commerce developers in Seattle (see Leaders Matrix below). See the full list of Seattle leaders here.

leader matrix

We took home the no. 6 spot in Clutch’s listing of top performers in Seattle, distinguishing ourselves in a crowded field because of our strong market presence, industry experience, and client satisfaction. Below, we’ve included some of the feedback that customers have shared with Clutch:


“The Freelock team has shown determination to be a helpful partner in all areas, providing technical support outside of their expertise … They’re willing to assist with any of our needs, even when it’s outside of their realm of expertise. For example, we were having ad placement complications and they solved a major issue for us although it wasn’t part of their job. Freelock’s friendliness and willingness to help stands out in every area of the project.”


Beyond this accolade, The Manifest and Visual Objects, two sister companies of Clutch, have also touted different aspects of Freelock’s range of capabilities and strong performance so far, acknowledgements that we greatly appreciate.


Business news website The Manifest named Freelock one of the top 20 web developers in Seattle, highlighting our design specialties, while portfolio curation platform Visual Objects features the creative work of developers and top UX design agencies.


Knowing that we’ve got the validation of leading business sources and our loyal client base means a lot to Freelock as we continue making improvements to our services. We’re passionate about our mission to make websites that better businesses, and we’d love to talk over our approach or expertise if you want to connect with any member of our team. Excited to explore what we can do together!

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